Welcome to the Oceania Regional Section of the IASC!

First Virtual Meeting of IASC Oceania Regional Chapter

The Oceania Regional Chapter of the IASC held its first virtual meeting on May 28, 2020. Participants were Helen Ross (University of Queensland), Joanne Millar and Jorge Ramos (Charles Sturt University), Elle Pattenden (University of Melbourne), Sophie Jerram (Victoria University of Wellington), Mairi Gunn and Andras Neef (University of Auckland). The group discussed various activities to enhance the visibility of the IASC and commons research in the Oceania region, including a webinar series during the World Commons Week in October, a glossary of Indigenous Oceanian terminologies around ‘the commons’, and a special issue on the state of commons research in Oceania in the International Journal of the Commons. The next meeting of the group is scheduled for late July.

For further information about the Oceania Regional Chapter, please contact Andreas Neef (a.neef@auckland.ac.nz).

Communal Mangrove Forest in Nataleira Village, Viti Levu Island, Fiji (A. Neef)

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Andreas Neef

Professor, Development Studies, School of Social Sciences, University of Aukland, New Zealand


regional co-coordinator IASC Oceania

Sophie Jerram

Writer. Researcher at Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington